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Welcome to Community Transitions

Community Transitions (CT) is a Special Education program within Bellingham Public Schools that serves students through the age of 21. Students often encounter a new set of adult challenges which require different responses as they leave the high school setting. CT provides a full continuum of services intended to prepare students with mild to severe disabilities for a successful transition to independent living, employment and/or post secondary training. Supports are individualized based on the student’s need. Staff, parents and the adult students work as a team to create and nurture partnerships with adult services, college staff and businesses in the local community to identify the best place to maximize each individual student’s potential for success.

To be eligible, a student should:

  • Not have taken their high school diploma.
  • Be able to be enrolled in Bellingham Public Schools.
  • Be supported by an Individual Education Program (IEP) and still need specially designed instruction.
  • Be recommended to participate by the IEP Team.


  • Developing relationships
  • Applied academics
  • Independent living
  • Leisure/recreation
  • Job skills
  • Goal setting/self-determination
  • Vocational experience
  • Transition support
  • Portfolio development
  • GradPoint

Program Information:


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Brett Evans


Rain (Jessica) Gomez


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Assistant Director, Special Education:

Analisa Ficklin

360-676-6470 ext. 7192