We make a collective commitment to all of Bellingham’s children. We will empower every child to discover and develop a passion, contribute to their community, and achieve a fulfilling and productive life.

We collectively commit to support a purposeful continuum of services for a diverse group of highly capable learners to develop each individual student’s fullest potential.

Highly capable students are those who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments. Outstanding abilities are seen within students’ general intellectual aptitudes, specific academic abilities, and/or creative productivities within a specific domain. These students are present not only in the general populace, but are present within all protected classes. ( WAC 392.170.080)




2020-21 Highly Capable Learner Liaisons: 

To support teachers and families, HCL Liaisons are available to answer questions, collaborate and support the unique needs of students identified highly capable.

Alderwood – Miranda Savory

Birchwood – Melanie Haines

Carl Cozier – Monica Savory

Columbia – Kirstin Copeland

Cordata – Michelle Hornof

Geneva – Chloe Cantero

Happy Valley – Carrie Vining

Lowell – Precious Bryngelson

Northern Heights – Jayme Rios

Parkview – Ralph Hayden

Roosevelt – Susan Kagel

Silver Beach – April O’Halloran

Sunnyland – Katy Ackerson

Wade King – Precious Bryngelson

Middle Schools – Jenny Lawrence, TOSA and Middle School Assistant Principals

High Schools – School Counselors




Trina Hall
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Keith Schacht
Director of Teaching and Learning, Student Services

Jennifer Lawrence
Assistant Director of Literacy

Angie Ritchey
Executive Administrative Assistant

Cindy Thompson
Administrative Assistant
360-676-6470 ext. 4447