Bellingham Virtual Learning (BVL) is a web-based educational program of the Bellingham Public Schools that provides instructor-led online courses to high school students through an agreement with Spokane Public Schools and Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL). Students can take courses that are not available at their high school as part of their regular schedule. Students can also complete additional courses on a fee-based system. BVL is an ideal environment for a motivated learner who seeks the independence of completing coursework that runs “parallel” with the Bellingham Public Schools high school curriculum.  Spend some time reading through the Useful Links and Helpful Documents resources provided below, then see your counselor to learn about enrolling. Students should register at their school, not through the website.

2019-20 Bellingham Virtual Learning Registration Form

BVL Parent Student Handbook

BVL Courses 

To log on to BVL, follow these steps… 

Username: Your School ID Number (If one doesn’t work, try the other one)

Password: Your Birthdate.  mmddyyyy (For example: 10121996)

For help logging in, see or e-mail your school counselor.

Useful Links

Helpful Documents

For more information contact your school counselor.

Dr. Nancy Barga
Assistant Principal
Robin Montague 
Administrative Assistant
360-647-6871 ext. 5105