Bellingham Virtual Learning

A fully online option for Bellingham families for 2020-21 

Effective August 2020, we expanded our Bellingham Virtual Learning offerings to provide K-12 options for students and families who need a fully online option for a semester or year, regardless of what stage we’re in in the Reconnect Plan. Students work independently on their own schedule by accessing their courses with an online curriculum and support from Bellingham Public Schools teachers and other staff. 

This model may be a good fit for students that respond well to independent, self-paced learning, families that have health concerns returning to in-person instruction during COVID and families that have older students that may be supporting younger children’s learning at home.  For more information about how Bellingham Virtual Learning (BVL) compares with our Neighborhood Reconnect plan or the Bellingham Family Partnership Program, view our comparison chart. 

Students enrolled in Bellingham Virtual Learning have access to Bellingham Public Schools’ resources and supports as well as their neighborhood school events, extracurricular activities, clubs and athletics. They will be provided a laptop or iPad to engage in the curriculum.  

  • Students at elementary use the Accelerate Education online curriculum that includes all subjects (reading, literacy, math, science, social studies, art, health and  PE).  
  • Middle and high school students use Edgenuity, which is accredited and is an equivalent/alternative to (but is different from) most of the courses offered at our neighborhood schools. New information for second semester including courses available will be shared Dec. 1, 2020.


For students in grades K-5, please contact Kate Baehr or 360-676-6470 ext. 6424
For students in grades 6-12, please contact Nancy Barga or 360-676-6470 ext. 5103

High School Contacts

Byron Gerard
Options Principal

Dr. Nancy Barga
Assistant Principal

Grades 6-12

Nancy Barga
Assistant Principal
360-647-6470 ext. 5103

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Kate Baehr

360-676-6470 ext. 6424

Early Childhood (PreK)

Debbie Haney

Early Learning Specialist