Our Reconnect Plan for the 2020-21 school year outlines five stages for a return to in-person instruction at school based on safety and equity.

Five Stages

the five stages in a color graphic circles

stage 1 "100 percent remote learning"Stage 1 – 100% Remote Learning

All students and staff participate in daily remote, at-home learning. Real-time, live lessons mixed with independent,
supported learning. Schools closed for access to all students and most staff.

a yellow circle that says "nearly 100 percent remote learning"Stage 2 – Nearly 100% Remote Learning

Most students participate in daily at-home learning as in previous stage. In-person learning provided for some identified students if the safety of the students and staff can be maintained. Some staff able to be on-site.

a purple circle that says "stage 3 hybrid learning with early childhood"Stage 3 – Hybrid Learning with Early Childhood

All students from stage 2 and our youngest learners will be provided in-person instruction. All other students remain
in daily at-home learning as in previous stages. Some staff able to be on-site.

a purple circle that says "hybrid learning"Stage 4 – Hybrid Learning

All students in stages 2 and 3 will continue in-person. All grades will participate in both in-person and remote learning in a hybrid, cohort model. (Approximately 25% to 50% of students on-site at a time). Families can still choose for students to be 100% at home. Staff able to be on-site for delivery of instruction.

a blue circle that says "fully in-person"Stage 5 – Fully In-Person

All students return to school for fully in-person instruction.

Other options for families: