Updated: Aug. 21

Child Care Aware COVID-19 Communications, Response and Referral Center tracks program closures and child care spots available on a daily basis.  If you are looking for child care in Whatcom County and need assistance please call the Child Care Aware hotline  at 1-888-446-1114 or visit their website to talk a Child Care Referral Specialist for direct referrals to local programs with vacancies.


If your family is interested in forming a learning pod with other families, here is our best guidance at this time for families who are looking to connect with friends or others in the community and, with resources for health and safety: Thrive at home: guidelines for creating remote learning communities

We recognize this need in our community, and our family engagement and learning pods workgroups are working on ways to connect families with each other and/or with community partners. As our teachers and other staff connect with families during the first weeks of school, please make sure to let your teacher(s) know you are interested in a learning pod.