Frequently asked questions about joining Zoom.

My computer doesn’t have Zoom loaded; what do I do?

You may be prompted to download and install Zoom on your computer when you join a meeting.  It’s OK to install it if you want to, just cancel any error messages you see.

Alternately, when you join your class meeting you can also join right from your web browser.  Look for the link at the bottom of the page that opens when you click the class link.

an open zoom example

When you click this link, type in your name and then click the check box next to “I’m not a robot.”

the "i am not a robot" captcha

When you click the ‘I’m not a robot’ box, you might have to play a little game to connect that might look like this:

captcha example with crosswalks

When you see the green check-box, go ahead and click ‘Join!'

the join icon


How do I test my connection before my class?

Preparation:  Prior to joining a class meeting, you can test your Zoom settings by joining a test meeting.  Click here and follow directions on the screen: 

  • On the day of class, locate the Zoom link shared by your classroom teacher:
  • After clicking on the link you may be prompted to install Zoom. Click on ‘Open File in the bottom of your screen:

an executable file for zoom

  • When prompted, enter your first name and last initial and click ‘Join Meeting’:

a zoom box that says "enter your name"

  • If you see this message, hit ‘Cancel’ and move on:

a windows defender pop up box



Is it OK for me to install Zoom on my student computer?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine.  We’ll be sending updates to your computer with updates to Zoom in the coming weeks.

I tried to install the Zoom and got an error message; what do I do?

If you see this error, don’t worry; just click ‘cancel’ and move on.  We’re working on a custom installer that will fix this and will have it available for you soon.

a windows defender pop up box

Do I need an account to use Zoom?

No, joining a Zoom meeting does not require a Zoom account.

How do I switch the camera on my laptop?

Click ALT + N, or click on the camera icon in the lower part of your screen and select a different camera:

how to select a camera

What do I do if my video/camera isn’t working in Zoom?

Try a quick test of your camera using the ‘Camera’ app on your laptop.  This will help check if the camera is working OK outside of Zoom.

  • Close any other apps might be using your camera.
  • Restart your laptop
  • Test your camera outside of Zoom
    • Tap the Windows key and type ‘Camera’
    • You should see yourself in the picture; try ‘Change Camera’ button a small camera icon if you see the wrong picture [like the ceiling or your hand].
  • In Zoom, try tapping ‘Alt+N’ to swap your camera.

If your camera isn’t working, let us know on our Tech Help form and we’ll contact you to repair your laptop.  You can also let your school know by calling the office.

There are some more in-depth instructions to troubleshoot your camera at Zoom’s website.

What do I do if my audio isn’t working in Zoom?
  • Check the speaker icon next to the clock on the lower right of your screen and make sure there isn’t an ‘x’ next to it. mute icon

a graphic showing how to tell if your audio is muted or ok

  • If you’re using the Zoom software, make sure it’s sending the audio to your speakers.
  • Click the small arrow next to ‘Unmute’ or ‘Mute’

the mute and unmute in zoom

  • Make sure that your headphones or speakers are selected.

select a speaker


There are some additional troubleshooting steps available at the Zoom website.

If your audio isn’t fixed in this test, let us know on our Tech Help form and we’ll contact you to repair your laptop.  You can also let your school know by calling the office.

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