This information only pertains to Spring 2020 during the pandemic school closures.

Updated April 1:

We are providing learning resources for students through our weekly learning guides in OneNote. OneNote is a Microsoft Office 365 tool.

How to access the weekly learning guides:

  1. Visit Learning Resources
  2. Click on the appropriate grade level for your child
  3. You will be redirected to OneNote. OneNote is an Office 365 tool that is used to organize and share information.
  4. Once you access the correct OneNote you can bookmark this page to access it again later. These notebooks will automatically be updated weekly with new learning resources.

How to navigate around OneNote:

  1. When you open OneNote you will see a number of tabs on the left of the screen. These will list grade level groups beginning with PK-1 for pre-kindergarten through first grade resources.

one note image

2. Once you click on a tab it will expand and you will see all pages within that section.

one note image

3. You will also see on the second column the current week’s learning resources. When you click on these dates you will see the learning resources to the right.

one note image