Dr. Baker with 2nd grade class

Walking in the Shoes of a Second Grader

Welcome to the “Weekend of the Year” with our Seahawks!  Sorry to any Denver fans :)As I have been in schools today it’s been great seeing all the spirit displayed by students and staff…Monday I’m hopeful will be even better!I wanted to share with you just a few reflections from my recent day Walking in the Shoes…


Class doing movements

Walking in the Shoes of Others

I have greatly enjoyed my time so far this school year walking in the shoes of some of our children and staff. Since this fall, I’ve walked in others’ shoes in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, and plan to continue on through grade 12. I spent yesterday as an elementary school music student and teacher…


Roosevelt elementary sign

Walking in the Shoes of a Kindergartner

My journey of Walking in the Shoes of a student at each grade level and teaching a lesson during each visit continued this week with a fabulous day of Kindergarten at Roosevelt Elementary School.I want to thank my mentor and master teacher, Mrs. Otterholt, who was so welcoming and supportive during this day of learning as we engaged with 25 spectacular…


Construction site

Walking in the Shoes of a PreK Student

It’s an exciting time with Birchwood being rebuilt and the bond, to think about ensuring even more students have access to outstanding facilities. You might remember at last month’s back-to-school event I shared one of my goals for the year of Walking in the Shoes of a student at each grade level as well as Walking in the Shoes of a…